General Information

We are a family business with over 135 years of providing a variety of services including:

Shipping agency integral we provide a wide variety of services at the port of Corinto, Nicaragua to shippers / consignees, charterers, ship owners and ship brokers.

Leasing of space for yachts and apartments for rent in San Juan del Sur.

Agent Service Inspector for damaged cargo claims for both insurers and clients for the purpose of claims or pre-recorded with the boat to board and declared.

Our Services

*Transport providers of all types of merchandise by land, air, or sea.
*Full agency service for Charter Brokerage and Tramp type for cargo ships or passengers arriving in Nicaraguan ports.
*Special inspections for faulty or damaged cargo for insurance claims purposes.
*Supervision of loading and unloading of ships, containers etc.
*Inspections of warehouses for insurance purposes.
*General Consultants for logistics services.
*Sale and rental of containers of 20 feet and 40 feet



To be a fully integrated logistics company, safely handling and storing cargos, meeting customer’s needs, complying with world class standards using latest technology and servicing regional and world markets.

Leading our industry, our business grows as a group, ethically, professionally, with determination, experience and effectiveness, seeking full customer satisfaction, employees’ fulfillment and profitability for our shareholders.


Heirs to a tradition of top quality integrated logistics services with up to date technology in the handling, storing, transportation and thorough inspections of cargo with regional and global presence for the benefit of our customers and shareholders.

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Dirección: Km 13, Carretera a Masaya. Edificio Centro Corporativo ENTHEOS, 2do piso mano derecha.
Tel: 22798165, 22797081, 22797108, 22798811.